Helen Carrol

Helen Carrol of Mt. Jackson VA, died in her sleep on October 26, 2014 at her mother’s home in Maurertown VA. She left with strong breezes on a crisp and bright autumn morning. She was born in Arlington VA, November 7, 1951. In her life, she volunteered for prisons, War Vets, unwed mothers homes, the aged, the disabled, and the Red Cross helping victims of tornado or fire. She is a 1970 graduate of Central H.S., Woodstock VA, who later attended the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Miami Florida. She worked for many years as a nurse at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center (formerly the Miami Heart Institute), then at the Spinal Cord Injury Unit, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami FL. She finished her career working for 15 years as a Home Health Care Nurse caring for the sick and dying of many families in central rural Ohio. Being an avid lover of animals and nature, she tended many with unwavering love. She was athletic, gifted creatively, with leadership ability. Visionary, highly intuitive and deeply spiritual, she sought to develop through meditation and the Cherokee way. Her Cherokee name in English is ‘Mouse Turtle Water Singing’. She was a jolly, warm, and loving soul with a great laugh and sense of humor, who placed family above all bringing energy and fun.

She is preceded in death recently by her father, Arthur Leon Carrol, Sr. She is survived by her mother, Sarah Carrol of Maurertown VA; brother and sisters, Terry Brown (Frank) of Roswell GA, Tykie Carrol of Maurertown VA, Connie Carrol, and Chrissy Warner (Chuck) of Monrovia MD; Her beloved nieces and nephews survive her: children of Terry – Ian Brown (Catherine) and son Cameron, Allison Brown, Brooke Brown, Amy Greene (Mike) and son Nathanael, Sara Prendeville (Mike); children of Chrissy – Mike Warner and Deme Warner.

A Celebration of the Life of Helen Will Take Place at a Date to Be Determined

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14 Condolences to Helen Carrol

  1. Tykie Carrol says:

    Rest In Peace Wild Child Sister. We had some Crazy times together that I will never forget. Good or Bad I always loved you and always will. You went too soon as I personally needed a better chapter in my life with you. I’ll check in with you and Dad every night. I Love You-Your Brother.

  2. Chrissy Warner says:

    There are no words……

    Your love, laughter, and free spirit will forever have a profound effect on me. I love you soooo much, Helen, and will miss you more than you can ever imagine. I know you and Daddy are together, looking down on us
    and protecting us! XOXO

    With much love, your baby sister,

  3. Steve Tyrrell says:

    You my friend were one crazy lady. I sure will miss our many conversations about family, nature, and the world. As a father now I tend to judge people these days on how they treat my children, and you were exceptional in this regard. You always took time to have real conversation with and understand what both Leah and CJ were about. They looked forward to seeing you as soon as we pulled up to the house. This I will never forget. Plus, you carried your cigarettes around in a metal box…awesome. A part of the experience of a weekend in the country will be missing. Peace – Steve

  4. Courtney says:

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. May Jehovah God be with you all during this difficult time. Not only does he provide comfort but he give us hope. Rev. 21:3,4 and John 5:28,29 show us what a loving father that we have, because he has given us these promises.

  5. Connie Carrol says:

    Ελενι Eleni Helen was named after my father’s mother and it means light in Greek and this is what you are. You love this planet and its beauty: Human, Bear, Dolphins, Sharks, Mice, Possums, Racoons, Turtles, Frogs, Snakes, Bugs, Butterflies, Ponds, Rivers, Streams, Rain, Weather patterns, Flowers, Trees, Rainbows, Weeds, Marshes, Swamps, Oceans, Gulfs, Rainbows, Rock formations! You loved humanity and as a child wept when a photo showed a child dead on the cover of Time magazine during the Vietnam War. As a teenager, you marched and sang in the streets for love and against war; for the people. You loved life and humanity. We played together as children under the canopies of the trees. We sang, recited poetry, relished in imagination, and danced under the moonlight, starlight, and sunlight. We laid together on the shores of the oceans and swam the waters. In these mountains we walked in the rains and in the sun; The messages came and are still coming to us through the rainbows, raindrops, and sunbeams. Together, we traveled visiting friends and family. We laughed hard and long. We are Sisters forever and always! I CELEBRATE IN YOUR NAME AND IN YOUR LIGHT!

  6. Cindy Barry says:

    We drove up and down the east coast together. You taught me how to cut broccoli. You were a true warrior spirit, always fighting for truth. Thanks for being here on this earth with us. RIP. Love is eternal.

  7. Carolyn Hartnett Huffstickler says:

    What a terrible surprise I had tonight, my next door neighbor, best friend in childhood. How is it possible you are gone?
    Loved the wonderful visit we had fifteen years ago. So sad we were not better at keeping up with each other. Many, many memories are flooding my brain, we shared so many secrets, and all the forts we built, the camping trips in the yard between our houses, the summer schools we provided for those lucky moms in Lynbrook, the newspaper we published, the library, we had ideas, big ideas. I am so sorry you are gone. Carolyn

  8. Laura Larson says:

    Helen… In recent years, you have been such a part of “The Country”… I will miss your unconditional love.. I love you. Laura Lee

  9. Robyn Phillips says:

    Connie, Tykie, Chrissy, Terry and Sarah, I am so, so, so sorry to hear the news of Helen’s passing. I am in shock and I cannot even begin to know how difficult a time this is for you all. I hope the love of family and friends will be a great comfort to you at this time. You have our love and prayers, Robyn and Ron

  10. Bill, Talia, Christian, Liam and Roxanne Sullivan says:

    We’ll remember many things from the three years we spent in Virginia before moving here to Australia, Helen… but amongst the very fondest memories for me will be of flying in and seeing you on the back porch of your Mom’s house… waving wildly up at us. It always brought me a big smile. Or of the night I flew in, and you and Connie were there, on Mom, Dad, and Jim’s memorial bench, to share that special evening with me. Or of when we’d depart the Country to go back to Alexandria, and we’d swing by to say ‘see you later’… and you’d always wave wildly at the car, following us up the road a good bit– it brought us all huge smiles. Or when we found the beautiful kitty, Sinatra; even though he only was with us a few months, the fact you religiously came down to our house to feed him every day, since we couldn’t bring him back to Old Town… it says a lot about your character. I second what Steve said: you were always extremely good to my boys, and that means the world to Talia and me. The fact you made the effort to come all the way to Andrews with your Mom and Connie for my retirement ceremony– that meant a great deal to my family, as well. And never, from the time I first remember spending time with you at my brother Charlie (and Barb’s) wedding in the late ’80′s, to the last time we saw you in mid-August… do I remember you without a smile on your face. Thank you, cousin. My family loves you, and we will miss you a great deal… until we meet again.

  11. Rick Sparks says:

    I met Helen and Connie when they lived in Indianapolis in the 1970′s. Both of them had so much love and good cheer, and Helen’s personality was so vibrant and giving. I had not seen her in a long time, but feel I know her better through the words of her family and friends. She was an old soul who knew her heart, and I know her family and friends will mourn her passing while keeping their memories of her alive.

  12. David and Pam Uhl says:

    From the moment we met you we knew you had a SPARK – That special thing that makes people want to know you – that special thing that makes people love you right away! You always had a wave, a smile and a very cool story to tell. Every conversation was a tidbit of what was yet to come. It left us hanging on for our next meeting and our next part of the story. We will miss YOU, your personality, your light, your welcomness to all. Your neighbors will miss you but know that you left a mark of goodness on each one of us. And in the end, isn’t that what the gift of life is all about.

  13. Jan Rawls says:

    OMG Helen!!! I can’t believe you’re gone. I feel your presence so strongly today, since Connie told me this morning of your passing. All I can feel from you is lots of infinite peaceful love, and that you are free and unlimited at last. You have always been such a beautiful friend to me, for more than thirty years. I remember the first time I met you, you wanted to bake me and my six year old son some cookies… And what delicious, beautiful cookies they were. You are the sweetest, most nonjudgmental, least grudge- holding person I have ever met. You always CARED, and never stopped caring, no matter what situation you were faced with, or what abusive person passed through your life. You are an incredible example to me in love, acceptance, and letting go of people’s unending imperfections. I profoundly appreciate our friendship and cherish all your life has taught me. I despair that I never realized the entirety of the example you set for me until now. How you lived your life highlights the times I have lacked forgiveness and unconditional love. We are wild children, placed on an earth with people unable to know, appreciate, nor fully comprehend our hearts. Bless Mother Nature for replenishing us. May the people you have touched feel your love and learn.
    I love you.

  14. Geb and Shirley Keny says:

    Helen Carrol is truly one of the best people I have ever met. Helen is “The Giver” and I mean giver of all the important things! Helen gave her spirit, heart and soul to all people. Helen always knew what was important to people. Her selfless manner shown 24/7 every day!

    Helen was a nurse for my father (Geb) and a great friend for us and the rest of the family. My good wife Shirley said it well, Helen was our light in a very dark hour. Helen brought energy, laughter and joy to all of our souls. She brought much happiness to my Dad, Shirley and I and the rest of the family!

    Helen will never be gone in our minds. Her spirit and soul will soar with the eagles, paint the skies and roar with the bears in the mountains. Her connection with nature is superseded by none. Her ability to dive into the inner soul and mystically interpret each persons life was most enlightening. She could connect your soul to elements in nature and script your path. she spoke so little of herself, but she embraced life and lived a full one.

    Helen, your joy is always alive in our minds. Your energy will enable you to dance with your Dad on the clouds and howl at the moon. Connie will hold your earthly ground down and miss you deeply.

    We loved all our visits with you at Bramblewood, Sugar Island, and our farm! Helen, you are never forgotten. We hope to soar with your soul in our future! We will miss you greatly! Your loving friends, Geb and Shirley