Any honorably discahrged Veteran is entitled to certain benefits. Below are links to the Veteran’s Administation and the National Cemeteries. We take special pride in our service to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms that we all enjoy.

Some Veteran’s families wish to have their loved one honored with a military burial service. All honorably discharged Veteran’s qualify for a flag folding ceremony and the playing of Taps at the graveside service or at the memorial service. However, only retirees or persons who die on active duty are entitled to full military honors (flag ceremony, Taps and firing squad provided by the branch of service in which they served). For those Veteran’s who do not qualify for full military honors, local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts may be able to provide these services. If a Veteran is from Virginia or is buried in Virginia, the Virginia Funeral Honors program will arrange for military honors.

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